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In 1994 Marilyn Mitchell was hired to create adventures for David Touff, an elderly Denver luminary who no longer drove but was still curious, tenacious, and vibrant. Once committed to adventuring, Marilyn learned David was in the early stages of dementia.
The stories from their years together are humorous, heartbreaking, exasperating, and joyous. No dreary, sentimental tale of heartbreak and darkness, Dancing on Quicksand is a spirited, often-rollicking memoir about a remarkable relationship. This book unveils the universal nature of truth and respect while illustrating that even in troubled times, there are abundant opportunities for laughter and for understanding the essence of being human.

Dancing on Quicksand

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Articles by Marilyn Mitchell
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Awards and Honors
Denver Woman's Press Club's Author of the Year - 2003
Nurses Book Club Alternate Selection - 2003

Media Reviews and Articles
Alzheimer's Care Quarterly
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When: April 2003
Chronicles Detail Struggles with Dementia
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