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One could fairly describe my professional career as a self-indulgent patchwork born of expediency. My twenty-year-old (and still thriving) citrus-brokering-for-fundraising business evolved from my role as an active parent in the Denver Public Schools. My personal service business, As You Wish, has provided a forum for many pursuits including professional landscaping and accompanying an elderly gentleman on his journey into dementia. I am a trained although no-longer-practicing massage therapist. I hold the patent to my invention of a gardening device. A patent is pending on a massage therapy accessory I invented. I also do freelance editing.
My two successful, and reasonably adoring, adult children are testimony to the fact that my particular style of liberal but intense parenting did not totally immobilize, irreparably debilitate, or permanently alienate my offspring.

Marilyn Mitchell

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I live contentedly in a self-renovated bungalow in Denver, where, in narrow windows of free time, I dote passionately on three cats, read voraciously, enjoy a wide variety of music, listen avidly to books on tape, relish my own good cooking, and set upon unwitting passersby, badgering them to meander the paths of the unique garden I've created. My idea of luxury: a dictionary and a thesaurus in every room.

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