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Over a span of eight years, a few of my patient friends listened to regular installments of "The David Adventures" and urged me to put our story into writing. These same friends read my first draft, and without my knowledge, passed it to spouses, children, and friends.
Soon there were more than two hundred manuscripts adrift in the land, and I was fielding calls from strangers across the country who wanted to express their appreciation for David's story, or to ask my opinion (my opinion?) about their own situations.
Following is a sampling of the unsolicited responses to the early manuscript that was circulated and also a collection of endorsements I sought for the book once I had a publisher.

Dancing on Quicksand

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What Readers Have Said about Dancing on Quicksand

"A beautifully written story of love and compassion that serves as a practical and powerful blueprint for experiencing joy where one might least expect to find it."

- Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear, founder of Center for Attitudinal Healing Sausalito, California

"To read Dancing on Quicksand as a narrative on aging and dementia is to miss its central message. This is a book about love, pure and simple. A love which is big-hearted, respectful, honest, wise, and funny. The book made me wish Marilyn were my friend and challenged me to question what kind of friend I am! It celebrates the best of us! Don't miss it."

- Carol Taylor, Director, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown University

"Dancing on Quicksand is a rare piece! A unique window on what it means to be human. Its merits go beyond the concrete tragedy of a fine mind going astray from the ravages of age - it has universal appeal. Marilyn Mitchell is a remarkable writer."

- Adele Brodkin, Ph.D., Developmental Psychology

"Dancing on Quicksand mines one of the darkest veins of the aging process, offering hope and a larger meaning for relationship. Through honesty, compassion, courage, and tenacity, Mitchell breaks ground with her chronicle of intimacy and respect. Seeing with her heart, she unveils a powerful model in a world aching for connection. May everyone reaching old age find a Marilyn Mitchell at their side."

- Gail Goeller, editor of The Complete Directory for Seniors and Their Families

"Very moving and sensitively written - I believe Dancing on Quicksand will reach an audience of literally millions..."

- Oscar Dystel, former Chairman and CEO of Bantam Books

"Dancing on Quicksand has been a smashing success with my students - a dynamic teaching tool that moves us from academic theories to personal realities and demonstrates that when caring for another human being, the gifts of acceptance and understanding are the most valuable gifts we can give."

- Robin Watson, MA, OTR, Faculty of Geriatric Studies, Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO

"Dancing on Quicksand is a testimony to how authentic relationships are available to us every day in Alzheimer’s care. This thoughtful tribute to David is also a valuable resource for anyone involved in a caring relationship who truly wants to ‘care about’ people while they ‘care for’ them."

- Sam Fazio, MA, co-author of Rethinking Alzheimer’s Care

"Dancing on Quicksand is a moment of hope for those who must accept and embrace a new version of Mom or Dad. The wisdom of this special book shows us that while we lament what we are losing, there are endless possibilities for enjoying the moments that remain."

- Fawn Germer, author of Hard Won Wisdom

"Dancing on Quicksand is far superior to [the current feel-good bestseller]. I had planned to scan it, but I couldn’t stop reading!"

- Bill Gold, David’s longtime friend and business associate

After being congratulated by the author on his ability to be present with David, on his matter-of-fact acceptance of David’s handicaps, and on his enthusiasm for engaging David in conversation that was meaningful for David, a doctor responded: "I only knew how because I’d read Dancing on Quicksand. Relying on my own impression of David, I would have assumed my attempts to engage him would be futile."

- Dr. Richard Baum, retired Neo-natal specialist

"I think Dancing on Quicksand should be required reading for everyone who deals with the elderly, not just those people who are coping with the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease."

- An elderly woman from Albuquerque

Endorsements from David's Family

Out of respect for David's privacy and that of his family, I initially used fictitious names. After reading Dancing on Quicksand, the members of David's immediate family unanimously agreed that they wanted their real names to be used. I want to acknowledge this generous gesture of endorsement that lends more credibility and impact to David's story.

"I learned a great deal from reading Dancing on Quicksand - about life, living in the moment, and love. I learned about the the monumental importance of memory as a part of being, and about the craving of the human spirit - even when challenged by significant mental deprivation - for interaction and experience. I learned how to be a better daughter to my dad at this difficult and humbling time of his life. And, I learned about courage and loyalty."

- Terry Cooper, David’s daughter

"Dancing on Quicksand is the sort of book one savors. Frankly, I was sorry to see it end. Marilyn Mitchell has distilled her experience into a splendid book and captured David to perfection. Not, of course, the brilliant, knowledgeable uncle I remember, but the shadow that retains the outline of the man he’d once been - the degree to which he’s held on to his essential personality. His values, his decency, his curiosity, and his humor have somehow remained intact, even though his memory has failed him.

- Excerpt from a letter written by Lois Fern, David’s niece

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